ABOUT  me!

My name is Dotan Beck, 23 years old.
I believe that photography is the soul's way to captive reality as it sees it.


My History: 
My tendency to art as a whole and photography in particular started when I was a child. I remember being astonished by the amazing painting s and photos hanged in my home. Paintings that my grandmother did and photos ​taken by my uncle (a professional photographer). 


About 10 years ago I took a two years photoshop coures during wich i realized that in order to elevate my personal level i should start taking photos bby myself, photos that would adjust exactly to my own search. 


Therefore 8 years ago I've started studying photography from basics, first by a simple pocket camera till a professional one today. 


My works: 
During my studies I fell in love with the area of photography becouse of one reason - taking a picture is actually taking a specific situation and present it in the most beautiful an unique way possible! Something I believe should happen in every aspect of our daily life. 


I really enjoy to photograph landscapes, people, dancing, and of course night photos, taking under consideration the fact that in each kind of photography there are specific challenges, beauty, difficulties and uniqueness. 

Those days I'm doing night photography workshops (register in this site), 
I own a portable exhibition "searching in the dark" of my night photos and I sell photos as prints or digital files.
Moreover I'm a content developer (movies, explanations and presets to lightroom etc.) in order to pave an easy way up for other photographers (also can be found in that site), and make video movie, mainly of hiking and nature.


My equipment: 

nikon D750

nikon D7000

sigma 70-200 f2.8

tamron 24-70 f2.8 G2

tokina 16-28 f2.8

nikon 18-105 f3-5.6

camera remote control

Hida ND filter
Hida poloriser filter

benro IT25 tripod
dji mavic pro
canon m-50
video micro 
Fstop - Tillopa
Fstop - Suko
Fstop - Large ICU
Fstop - Small ICU


Special Offer For You:
In addition to my daily occupations I sell my works as stock photos/ footage in several sites as a benefit for a global use. 
You can find an example of my works in this link:


Are you a still, video photographer? 
Do you want to earn money from your own works/ photos? 
Register to theses following sites and start selling:
fore pictures: 

for footage: 


Please contact me if you want more information. 

Hope you will enjoy my art.

With love, 
Dotan Beck.